I will do any Type of QA Testing for $5

/ 1 Days On Average
do any Type of QA Testing
do any Type of QA Testing

About This Gig

 I will do Quality Assurance Testing (QA) Of Websites , Mobile Apps and Web Apps  in both desktop and responsive/mobile views. I can do it according to your requirement exactly and also by my way

I will do testing for the following in good detail and by communicating in perfect English. 

0. Link Checking
        all links are working and have content

1. Content
        spelling, grammar, mechanics
        all critical information is present
        titles, headers, and navigation labeled correctly

2. Graphics and layout
        image quality
        download time
        text layout
        alignment of elements
        color accuracy
3. Browser compatibility
        check on different platforms
        check on different browsers
        check on different devices (mobile)

4, User preference compatibility
        font size
        link colors and underlining
        window size