I will post gig in Rus Fiverr

post gig in Rus Fiverr
post gig in Rus Fiverr

About This Gig

Hi! I post your sevice , gigs in Russian Fiverr.
All services cost 500 rub or 8 

I will do:

open russian email, will create your text, put in website. In report i will send login,pasword email and website. You can loggin and check details. Translation too. Its for promotion and sell your services.

Gig2.   Registration like fiverr, russian service include registration email, (yandex with inner email translator), open an accaunt in service, put ur skills. In report  i send logins ,password. What difference?in first case  you posting your skills, in the second case your get orders according your skills.admin send gig myself. Cost 25 usd. 

Gig3.  Posting in 5 websites-  like fiverr. -100  usd

Order Details

Post fiverr gig in Russia

Post your service or gig in rus fiverr

5 days delivery