I will be you six sigma project mentor

be you six sigma project mentor

About This Gig

Are you aspiring to get six sigma certified? 

Are you doing online six sigma project/certification course? 

While online six sigma certification course are very good but many a time you would feel the need of personal connect. Someone who can handhold and listen to you, answer your question , help you with your projects etc. If you feel so...

You have found the right gig. 

I can be your mentor and six sigma guide. I will help you throughout your six sigma project/certification journey at every key stage.

Key Milestones of your Six Sigma certification ride where i will be your pillion are...

1. Project Identification: Very important step.At this stage we will be trying to understand "what problem are we trying to solve". We need to look at the problem from customers eyes. Is it really adding value?
2. Define Phase
3. Measure Phase
4. Analyze Phase
5. Improve Phase
6. Control Phase

Please drop me a line to know more before buying this gig. In my basic gig i will help you with project identification , slides/templates, basic tools knowledge and resources. I will also help you plan your six sigma project.

Please order extra gigs for various six sigma phases.

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