I will collect recipes for a kindle cookbook

collect recipes for a kindle cookbook
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Description Recipe collection Fast Recipe Collection Premium Cookbook
  This is the default recipe collection. It'll include 20 recipes for you to make a cookbook out of. This will come with an additional 5 recipes, and will come two days sooner. This will have your cookbook complete, including the recipes AND a description for each recipe.
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About This Gig

Writing a cookbook sounds useless, until you learn how much money can be made from it. There are many videos on YouTube telling you how much money can be made from Kindle Direct Publishing (I recommend checking it out) and how by posting a cookbook a week can add a few thousand dollars to your yearly salary.

Now I know that it may sound unbelievable, but just check out these videos as proof. For as little as $5 a week, you could be adding several $1,000 to your salary. 

So I'm sure you're wondering, why am I being a free lancer instead of selling these myself? Time. I'm not going to lie, this does take time for your sales to pick up, and that's time that I don't really have. So I'm here making a smaller amount of money in a shorter amount of time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can't recipes be copywritten?
    No, under the U.S. copyright laws, instructions for anything can not be copywritten. This includes recipes and exercises. HOWEVER any forms of expression are copyrightable, but will not be included in my recipes.
  • How much can I make from this?
    Well the YouTuber Zerofatzreturns makes 0-5 sales a week on Kindle for EACH cookbook he has. Now if you sell your cookbook for $2.99 you will make 70% royalty so you'll get about $2 a sale. Let's assume you have 10 cookbooks and make aprox. 3 sales each, that's $60 a week.
  • How much maintenance is required?
    Most eBooks require constant advertising and require you to actually manage them, but for these cookbooks, you upload them and never have to see them again. They will be sold overtime making you money while you sleep.
  • What's the maximum cookbooks you can make in a week?
    Depends on how much I get paid. I don't have an incredibly busy life so I could probably generate at least two a day, so fourteen a week.
  • What about the cover?
    You have two options: hire a professional to make one for you, or make on using canva .com. Canva is a great site and is extremely easy to use and make beautiful covers even for newbie designers.
  • Why won't Amazon won't allow me to upload the file?
    If this happens it's because the software that checks the files detected content that's freely on the web. If you bought one of my packages that didn't come with descriptions for the recipes you need to add some in yourself. Just a few sentences talking about what the recipe is like.