I will do virtual assistant and research work

do virtual assistant and research work
do virtual assistant and research work

About This Gig

It's a new Gig, so I am explaining once more what can I do for you:

  1. Everything under Virtual Assistant category
  2. I do research jobs (Company/Person/Email/Web.......)
  3. Email marketing 

Who I am?

My name is RI Razu, last 3 years I am working here and result:

  • 899 Reviews so far (03/10/2015)
  • 99% Positive rating
  • Over 1000 successful projects and >>>>

Important Information:

## I always work based on contacts number but not hour. Before starting any project I like to discuss about that first. What can I do, what will be format and most importantly I'll provide you my quote. I can't tell you exact contacts number for basic Gig (5$) unless I have any idea what I am going to do. So Please message me first before any project (first time), if you place order without any conversation, No worry. I will send you all details (including quote) ASAP. If that's okay for you I'll take that project otherwise you will get refund immediately. 

## I always work with my buyer after delivery, if you think something is not okay, all you have to share with me problems. I'll send you proper correction ASAP.

Hope we will talk soon.
Thanks for your interest to my service.

RI Razu

Multi Leads Package-100

More than 4 leads (Min-100 Total) from each company 20% Discount

7 days delivery