I will talk to you for 15 minutes

talk to you for 15 minutes

About This Gig

I'm a very insightful person who loves deep conversations, especially when they are about serious topics. In my life, I've suffered through problems myself including depression and anxiety, so I'll be always happy to help someone else who is having a hard time.

Sometimes just having a random conversation goes a long way to help in tough times.

Don't worry if you're not feeling confident when talking to people, as I will always do what I can to make you feel relaxed and welcome to talk about anything.

Whether it's something that is bothering you, or if you just want to get something off your chest, I'm always happy to talk to you.

No phonecalls/video chats. Sorry

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I will talk to you about anything

It can be about anything including: -Personal issues -Relationships -Life -Or something random

1 day delivery
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