I will teach you how to play League of Legends

teach you how to play League of Legends

About This Gig


Long time LoL player, since beta, here to teach and help you become a better player!

I am currently Gold 4 in solo queue but have climbed as far as Gold 2.

I play and fill any role in ranked 5v5's but main mid.

I've carried a fair share of my friends out of Bronze and into Low Silver.

I am a humble dude that respects and follows the Summoner's Code!
Maybe you can teach me a thing or two!

For $5, We'll play a 1v1, analyze your playstyle, strengths, and weaknesses. I'll tech you how to properly build and counterbuild. We'll work on your mechanics and go over key things on how to win in solo queue. We'll also duo in a ranked match!

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