I will illustrate adorable food items

illustrate adorable food items
illustrate adorable food items

About This Gig

I will design you a cute food image of any beverage, snack, meal, or dessert! Each image is 5X7 unless it needs a bit more room to be worked with. I love drawing little faces on pretty much anything and heck, who doesn't love a happy little sushi roll or even a sandwich being stabbed with an olive?

All images automatically become outlined. For color and additional food products please see my extra gigs below. You will receive either a PDF, JPG, or PNG of the image.

I will draw one food or drink item for $5, anymore then one item will cost extra. If you have any questions please send me a message first and I'll be more the happy to answer any questions.

You may have 3 free modifications, any more then this then I must request an extra $5 per modification. This includes all parts of the image.