I will create subtitles, closed caption, 5min YouTube video

create subtitles, closed caption, 5min YouTube video
create subtitles, closed caption, 5min YouTube video

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Description Subtitles same language. 5 min Subtitles translate. 5min 5 different subtitles. 5min
  Subtitles, closed captions, in the language of the video. Choose between 5 languages. Subtitles in different language than spoken on video. Choose between 5 languages. Do English, French, German, Portuguese subtitles for same video.
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About This Gig

Closed captions or Subtitles for your YouTube video.

Read description before ordering.

I will create high quality subtitles or c.c. in: English, French, German, Portuguese or Luxembourgish.
No need for transcript.Unless you want me to deliver faster.

Subtitles same language. 5min.
I will transcribe what is spoken to text and add it as subtitles, closed captions.
For example if the language spoken in the video is English. I will add closed captions in English.

Subtitles translated. 5min. 
I will translate every word into one of the languages I propose and add it as subtitle.
Example: Video in English subtitles in French.

5 different subtitles. 5min. .
I will translate every word spoken into 5 of the languages I propose and add them all as subtitles.
I'll make English, French, German, Portuguese and Luxembourgish subtitles for your video.

Activate the community contribution on your video.

If you choose the extra gig "Only RST file", there is no need for community contribution activation.
I will deliver rst file for you to upload the subtitles.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does it work?
    Check out the extra gigs if you don't want to activate the community contribution. 1.Activate Community Contributions. (message me or check out youtube for help) 2.Send me the link to your YouTube video. 3.Select language of subtitles. 4.Accept the contribution (subtitles) I made to your video.
  • Do you need transcriptions?
    I'll deliver much faster if you provide the transcript. And if the audio isn't good it will be better to provide a transcription. But it is not strictly necessary.
  • Which languages can you work with?
    English, French, German, Portuguese, Luxembourgish.
  • What if the audio quality of the video isn't good?
    Every part that I can't understand due to a lack of quality in the audio, mispronunciations or too much background noise, will not be added in the closed captions or subtitles. In the case of bad audio please send a transcription.
  • Do you understand portuguese brazilian or french canadian accent?
    Yes to a certain extend. I am a native Portuguese speaker from Portugal but lived in Luxembourg my entire life where French, German, Luxembourgish are the official languages.
  • I don't want to active the community contribution. Can you still make the subtitles?
    Yes, if you order the extra gig * ONLY RST FILE *. After that you will have to send me the video file. I will only use it to create the subtitles.