I will provide Estimated Leads for your AdWords PPC campaign

provide Estimated Leads for your AdWords PPC campaign

About This Gig

Ever wondered how many leads (read: money) will you get by running an AdWords PPC campaign?

The answer is obvious. Everybody wants to know how much one can expect in return by investing into advertising campaign.

What is the Lead?

The lead is a phone call from a prospective customer (or an e-mail inquiry) with a strong interest in your business services.
Example: "Is this an ABC company? I have such-n-such problem. Can you fix/repair/etc this for me? When?"

It is important to understand how the estimates work:

  • Say, you're running a plumbing company
  • Say, you want to advertise within city of Hampton
  • Say, you can afford $500 to spend on advertising a month
  • The question is - How much money (leads) will I get back from investing this $500?
  • For example, you get 10 customers a month 
  • On average you charge $250 per job
  • Now simple math: - 10 customers x $250 per job - $500 on advertising = $2000 profit

Real estimate example:

Personal Injury Attorney targets Milwaukee, WI and spends $1000/mo on AdWords campaign.
On average he gets 5 leads/mo.  You do the math.

I will need from you:

  • Website URL or detailed list of services you want to advertise
  • Desired targeting area
  • Advertising monthly budget

Order Details

2 days delivery

Lead Estimates

Get to know the estimated number of leads by running your AdWords PPC campaign

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