I will improve your online dating chances with five email templates

Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by jrock43 3 months ago
Nice piece...I completely fell for the emails
Reviewed by stackwall 10 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by meeuwdog about 1 year ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by blinkmj over 1 year ago
Thank you these are amazing! Specially love the last one! If i order another gig could you make 5 more for me?
Reviewed by birdy127 over 1 year ago
improve your online dating chances with five  email templates

About This Gig

I don't know which horrible advice column suggested to men that the way to win a woman over on an online dating site is with "How's your weekend?" or better yet, "'sup?" but that stops now.

The offer: I will provide you with five customizable first contact emails for online dating. They are somewhat like Mad Libs where you can fill in a few blanks to give your emails a personal touch. They will be a mix of straight, fun and bizarre so you can pick the right email for the recipient's personality. I can't guarantee you will win a lady over with one of these emails but I promise these emails will be better than at least 95% of the emails women receive and that might be enough for a woman to give you extra consideration. One customer emailed me within hours to say the quantity and quality of the responses to one of the emails was a noticeably improvement.

Extra gigs: I am not currently offering extra gigs for this listing.