I will cisco packet tracer and DCN task

cisco packet tracer and DCN task

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I can do following task for you.
  1. network assignments solutions
  2. creating topolgies
  3. network configuration and troubleshooting
  4. implementation of OSPF, RIP, Static routing, dynamic routing etc
  5. implmentation of static NAT, Dynamic NAT,PAT etc
  6. interfacing different router within/outside network.
  7. Subnetting i.e FLSM and VLSM.
  8. Address Resolution protocol.
  9. Basic swtiches and routers configurations.
  10.  DHCP and DNS implementation.
  11. VLANS and VTP
  12. CDP,Telnet,SSH,PAP and CHAP
  13. ACL.
  14. Inter VLAN routing.

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i will do DCN tasks for you