I will help you prepare for an interview

help you prepare for an interview
help you prepare for an interview

About This Gig

Getting an interview with a great resume is only the first step in getting the big job you want. After that comes the dreaded interview. 

* Tell me about yourself.
* Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
* Do you have any questions for me?

How do you answer those questions? Do you always have to wear a dress, a suit and tie, or is there such a thing as a casual interview? 

I will provide solid answers for you to use when presented with the top 10 interview questions. I will help you research the company that is interviewing you so that you can talk intelligently during the interview. I will also provide you with some solid questions to ask the interviewer.

If you have an upcoming interview and need help preparing, I can help you. The easiest way is with a telephone call, but I can do it by email as well. 

My idea is to provide you with a 20 minute telephone call (for which I will provide a transcript) to help you get ready for your interview. It helps if you already have an interview set up as we can research that particular company together, but I can also help with general interview prep.

Order Details

Interview Prep

20 min phone call with transcript OR an email conversation with the feedback you need to succeed

2 days delivery