I will developmentally edit your novel

developmentally edit your novel
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Description General Analysis Plot, Setting, Character Workshop Detailed Analysis
  In general: 3 strengths, 3 weaknesses, and a suggested solution on how to fix each weakness. Basic+ Specifies 3 ways how to improve in each area Standard+ Uses Comments feature in Word to closely analyze specifics in the novel
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About This Gig

Development is the longest editing process, because it looks at characterization, plot, settings, and how it all ties together. When reading your story, I will take a look at what your greatest strengths are, your weaknesses, and how to overcome these weaknesses.

This gig isn't recommended for short stories. If you've got a story less than 10,000 words, consider my gig, "I will fully edit your story." That gig includes developmental editing.

Please round to the nearest 25,000 words when selecting how many gigs to order. 

For example:
10,000 words is still covered under one gig
30,000 words is still covered under one gig
However, 38,000 words would require an additional gig, and so you would select "2" (or however many is appropriate) when checking out.

Before buying, please read the FAQs and the following:
-Message me if your work is greater than 85,000 words
-Be absolutely certain that you are sending me your final draft.
-Send me your very best work. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which genres do you read?
    All of them. Fantasy, non-fiction, erotica, chick lit, sci-fi, and so on. I have the most experience with fantasy and general fiction. Crime drama seems to always find its way to me, as well. If your work is non-fiction, I will adjust my analysis to fit your genre.
  • What does "developmental editing" mean?
    Developmental editing takes a look at the big picture of your novel. It looks at plot, characterization, setting, and so forth. Grammar, spelling, and syntax do not matter during the developmental process. I also do fact-checking in this process.
  • What do I get with the "basic" gig?
    A literal structure as follows: 3 Strengths 3 Weaknesses & a recommendation on how to fix each one
  • What do I get with the "standard" gig?
    3 strengths, weaknesses, and solutions to each weakness in each of these categories: characterization, setting, plot. (That means a total of 9 strengths and 9 weaknesses pointed out total).
  • What do I get with the "premium" gig?
    The analysis included with the "standard" gig, plus Microsoft Word comments. In the comments, I point out my reactions, predictions upon reading a passage (good for if you're trying out plot twists), fact-check, and point out pacing issues. I can also focus on a particular thing upon request.
  • This isn't my story. Can you still edit it?
    I will only edit a story with the legal author's express written permission. (If you had a ghost writer do it under contract, that means it's yours, and yes, I can edit it.)
  • Can you sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)?
  • How should I send my novel to you?
    I only accept the following: LINK to a Google Doc--if you need my email for permissions, please let me know .DOC .DOCX .DOX .PDF
  • My English is different than yours. I'm from [India, New Zealand, Scotland, etc.]. Will that affect your editing?
    Yes. I need to know if you're from the UK writing about New York, so that I know what you mean when you say "pants" vs "trousers," as an example. Please let me know your country of origin (if different than on your Fiverr profile) so I can read sarcasm and idioms better.