I will fix your pop up domination plugin problems

I've checked set-up and it works fantastically. What a big time and frustration saver! I appreciate all your help:) Emile Jarreau P.S. Ill use again!
Reviewed by m2fitnesspros over 3 years ago
Did a great job! Took something I had struggled with for too long and just GOT IT DONE! Thank you!
Reviewed by emharv over 3 years ago
Amazing work. I'm impressed. He fixed all the compatibility issues and had my PUD plugin working again. Thanks a lot for your help. Will probably order your gig again :)
Reviewed by angelaoberoi almost 4 years ago
fix your pop up domination plugin problems

About This Gig

The PopUpDomination plugin has some compatibility issues on some Wordpress installations and may not work in all envionments -- the plugins may clash and produce unexpected results. In some cases, the popup box may not even display properly. Be it an irresponsive popup box, or a mis-configured automailer setting, I can help.

Check out the previous feedback and decide for yourself! :)