I will headhunt qualified personnel specifically for your role

headhunt qualified personnel specifically for your role

About This Gig

I aim to deliver recruiters a series of specific hand-picked prospective candidates according to your criteria and expectations for your further assessments. I intend to thoroughly verify their past professional expertise and education history and general background, in person, over a significant duration of time to attain accuracy of their suitability for the roles you may have for them.

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All corporate partnerships/freelance needs are inclusive of the premium benefits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How different are you from regular online listing spaces?
    From a regular online listing host, you will be able to attain numerous leads without any consistency including applications from unqualified personnel, but how I do it differently is that I create specific prospective candidates, with verified expertise without the need for further short-listing.
  • Is your service expensive?
    I offer the service to corporate clients voluntarily as the revenue sources are different for the firm that I'm setting up.