I will help to Setup Amazon Web Service Platform

help to Setup Amazon Web Service Platform
help to Setup Amazon Web Service Platform
help to Setup Amazon Web Service Platform

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Description Basic AWS help and Consultancy AWS Service Fix and Troubleshot AWS Account and Server Setup
  Will provide you guide to run your desire service on AWS Will check and fix your AWS service. Package include with 1-2 Service. Package come with AWS account, along with others Package.
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About This Gig

If you are looking for all about server side information or help or consultancy, then this gig will be the right choice for you. Here I can do anything about Windows server side system.

As server side option I like to mention that I can setup any providers server but need access to your server along side need your full requirement what's you need.

Any hosting on Windows Server like Web Server, FTP Server, Team Speak Server, Proxy Server, Game Server, VPN Server, etc. Just provide your requirements then let me know what else you need.

No problem if platform comes with different providers like Azure, Google Cloud, Softlayer, Digital Ocean, etc. But I suggest AWS will best case for this gig.

This gig will provide you only one service at a time. If need Web Server host then I will do what need to place a web server.


1. Amazon Web Services
2. Azure
3. Google Cloud
4. SoftLayer
5. 1and1
6. Godaddy


1. Windows Server 2012
2. Windows Server 2016
3. Ubuntu 14.04 - 16.04

Thanks for your Time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you provide Cloud Server?
    No, I don't provide cloud server.
  • How you will configure my cloud server?
    You need to give me access of team viewer or RDP or SSH, So I can fix your server.
  • I like to setup many server like VPN, Game Server etc on my Cloud Server, can you do that?
    Yes, I can do that. Just mention what your needs.
  • Do you provide AWS account?
    Yes I provide AWS account with Premium package.
  • Is there any Guaranty of AWS account that you will provide?
    NO. As I will create an account for you, I'll ensure it's fine until it delivered.
  • I need many service to fix.
    I can do that, but I charge 10$ per separate service + if there extra word to done.
  • How many region will availabe with your provided AWS account.
    There will be two regions (Oregon and Virginia) but it could be all regions.
  • Do you provide EC2 all region unlocked account?
    Yes, I can provide that but it need time to delivery and extra charge.
  • Do you provide Azure support?
    Yes, I do provide Azure support too.