I will setup Your FTP, Team Speak or Game Server

setup Your FTP, Team Speak or Game Server
setup Your FTP, Team Speak or Game Server
setup Your FTP, Team Speak or Game Server
setup Your FTP, Team Speak or Game Server

About This Gig

A home FTP server is useful to anyone who wants to save and retrieve files on their computer from anywhere. Ever forget a Word document on your home desktop that you need at work? If you have a personal FTP server, and you can reach your computer from any place on earth, your files will never be captive on your hard drive at home again.

FTP or File Transfer Protocol servers allow you to share or host data on your computer that might be too large to transfer through an email.

A Team Speak server is essential when you need to talk with many friend at a time. Also, best way to talk protectively with any user without any one spy on you.

Game server is need when You got many player in your community or friend circle, setup your own game server and enjoy playing on it.

I can setup your FTP / VPN / Team Speak / IIS / Game server on Windows Server / Windows PC / Linux Server.

I'll provide you only basic setup. In case I can help you to link with external or internal IP to access from anywhere.

If you need CMS based FTP server you need to hire web Developer; I can do that too but which will cost you more, In case if you require to ask me for massage. So I can send you a custom order.

Order Details

FTP Server Setup

Setup Basic FTP Server

1 day delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you provide basic guide to maintain server?
    Yes, I'll teach you basic guide which will help you to keep running your server.
  • Do I need real IP address?
    Yes, You need real IP address. If you have shared IP then you need to buy Dynamic DNS.
  • Which game server you can host?
    If there any option like CS Go, Minecraft, COD4 something like that, I can install them.
  • How many user can use Team Speak Server?
    In basic server you can get 32 slot for your Team Speak Server.
  • Can I set up multiple types of server on one VPS?
    Yes, you can set up as much server as you need. But you need to care about bandwidth and ram.