I will autotune your vocal track to professional quality

autotune your vocal track to professional quality

About This Gig

  1. 100% guaranteed satisfaction or refund.
  2. WAV + MP3 quality version upon request
  3. Feel free to message regarding any inquiries 

Autotune brings all the pitch of the vocals into perfect alignment, and gives that iconic 'tuned vocal sound' that can bring your song to life. Whether it's a vocal performance that needs fixing, or if you are looking for that familiar sound, Auto-tune can be special element in your mix that can save your song, especially since vocals are a key focus. I'm using Antares AutoTune 8, the latest in tuning technology that has a threshold level that can avoid tuning short sounds but kicks-in for the longer held notes.

For $5:
  • Apply Antares Autotune on your vocal track, tuning the vocal to perfect pitch
  • Adjust the settings of the effect to best match the vocal part 
  • I can mix the vocal sound further with EQ, Compression, and Limiting, upon request