I will professionally mix your music to mainstream radio quality

professionally mix your music to mainstream radio quality

About This Gig

Up to 5 Audio Tracks! / For more ask for an offer!

Examples of Mixing:


  1. 100% guaranteed satisfaction or refund.
  2. WAV + MP3 quality version upon request
  3. Feel free to message regarding any inquiries 

Mixing brings all the elements of the song to life, unifying the tracks together with an aesthetic magic that ignites the intention of the music. This perfect 'blend' of the elements includes applying EQ, Dynamics, Effects, Automation, Analogue Summing, and Editing- to create the perfect polished and 'pro' final stereo image mixdown of the artist's vision.

For $5:

  • Develop character with boutique effects and surgically EQ tracks to create a professional blend.
  • Create a solid Stereo Image with SSL Analogue Summing, with a strong radio-ready centered body, and the width + sonic depth of classic studio albums.
  • Itunes style loudness that sounds good on all speakers, while preserving delicate song dynamics.
  • Sophisticated compression techniques for punchiness, character, and personality that matches the vision of the music. 
  • Cohesive album sound / aesthetics, matching the sonic profile and personality of all songs on the EP / Album to create a cohesive body of work.   

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