I will give you 70 expired Tumblr blogs PA 28 plus

give you 70 expired Tumblr blogs PA 28 plus

About This Gig

Just why are recently expired Tumblr blogs with Page Authority and Moz Rank are so great? There are three main reason.

  1. Page Authority - With PA at or above 30 you automatically have link juice without having to build any more links
  2. Moz Rank - MZ is similar to PR and it indicates the quality of incoming links rather then the quality.
  3. Domain Authority - Tumblr has a domain authority of 98 and Domain moz Trust of 8.37 making it one of the most authorized and trustworthy domains on the net.
  4. Age - After recent updates ranking completely new subdomains became harder due to sand-boxing. These expired tumblrs usually a year or older and often have tons of pages indexed. 

So what do you get with this gig?

The basic gig includes 30 expired tumblr names you can registered yourself. 

If you need, accounts,syndwire, avatars, and or post check out my gig extras. 

Important: It is recommend to use VPN or proxies when accessing the tumblrs accounts to minimize chance of getting them banned. 

Don't like the blogs? I'll refund your order within 3 days or exchange the blogs within 7 days

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