I will capture video and screenshots from game consoles

capture video and screenshots from game consoles

About This Gig

Do you need some footage of a video game, but don't have the resources to capture it?  Don't want to rip off someone's Youtube channel and deal with copyright claims?

Need a few screenshots of a hot new game to accompany your article, but all of the ones online are water-marked?

Look no further, for I am your answer.

I am able to produce video content for almost any Xbox One, Xbox 360, or Playstation 4 games.  These systems are quick and content can be produced in a few days.  I am also able to get screenshots for these games as well.  All content on these systems is delivered at 720p in high definition.

I can also produce video content for older game system as well, including Playstation, Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Super Nintendo, and more.  These requests will take longer and have to be discussed beforehand.


$1.00 = 1 screenshot, or 1 minute.

All orders are delivered as the original file.

All video is created for you personally, and can be anything you'd like within reason.  Whether a multiplayer match, a specific mission, etc.


Order Details

The Five for Five

Five minutes of HD gameplay video, or five unique screenshots.

5 days delivery 1 Revision

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How am I sure you're personally recording the footage?
    I encourage my clients to ask for unique footage in addition to just standard gameplay footage. I produce video content daily (it's part of my job), so the actual act of exporting and uploading isn't that big of a hassle.
  • What games do you own?
    I own over 320 games for Xbox One and Xbox 360 alone. There's a pretty high chance I own it, or can get my hands on it within a few days. If not, something can always be arranged.
  • How do you actually record the gameplay?
    Depending on the system, I do it a few different ways. Most of it is done by using the on-console recording applications, and then moving the raw video to my PC for editing. For older or more difficult systems, I can use the Hauppage capture setup we have at work.
  • What systems can you record gameplay for?
    I can quickly get 720p video for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Playstation 4. With a custom order, I can any possible quality video for all Microsoft systems, all Sony systems, all Nintendo Systems, and Sega Dreamcast. This is using the actual hardware.
  • Do you use emulators?
    No. All my video is captured using the original system hardware. However, for harder or rarer games, I can use emulators to get the content if it is agreed upon by the buyer and I.
  • What variety of footage can you obtain?
    Almost anything. From "Dark Souls" boss guides to "Rocket League" trick shots, I can produce the works. Whether you want some sniping in "Black Ops 3", or some intense games of "Uno", I got you covered.