I will watch and review any movie

watch and review any movie

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I've been a movie buff and film critic my entire life, I've seen some of the greatest movies of all time and a lot of the worst and I know how to distinguish between the two. I'm always keeping up to date on films, I've studied books on film, attended classes and seminars, and was part of a daily blog of upcoming films and TV shows. What I'd do for you is write you up to a page long analyses of whatever film you choose. You can ask for: -Whether the film has scenes of violence, sex or nudity -Where those scenes are approximately -If the film is great, good, bad, or horrible and why. -The history of the actors, director, producers, cinematographer, etc. -Fun facts about the film -What movies to watch if you liked this one -What other movies to watch of an actor or director you enjoy

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