I will help You Skyrocket HEADLINE Triumph

help You Skyrocket HEADLINE Triumph

About This Gig

Here is what this gig does for you. We apply a state-of-the-art software HEADLINE analyzer to reveal its current EMOTIONAL marketing effectiveness score. You will receive your result, based on a scale of 0 (absolutely lowest) to 100 (absolutely highest). We report your "original" score. We also supply ONE, brand NEW or expertly IMPROVED headline rendition.

Do you know that EVERY word within the English language receives a "point score?" In other words, scientific application can gauge the effectiveness of your advertising, promotional, or web page headlines and titles.

Americans are EMOTIONAL human beings, driven by FEELINGS. Thus, the exact words and specific phrases you select will generate a POWERFUL score in the minds of your readers.

Today, you can analyze, witness, and utilize that score via this gig. You can also keep the NEWLY generated headline which we supply.