I will create Google SEO Website Title Page Tags

create Google SEO  Website Title Page Tags

About This Gig

This gig intentionally helps you to focus upon the actual TITLE of your page. For SEO purposes, titles have TWO functions:

 1. They must be as SHORT as possible and speak directly to search engines, telling them the true nature of your page and site;

 2. They must contain your actual Google keyword PLUS capture the immediate attention and interest of HUMAN beings.

The absolutely best thing you can do is have your page headings and SEO titles reflect the EXACT keyword phrases that visitors type.

Again, to be clear, this gig addresses ONE website page. For example, for five pages, you would need to order five gigs.

This job WRITES your new tags for you, and carefully matches your keyword with your description and title tags, as well.

To have us enter your control panel and insert the tags for you, please select the five dollar gig EXTRA. In that case, each fully completed page would be ten dollars.