I will show You How To Destroy Duplicate Content

show You How To Destroy Duplicate Content

About This Gig

This gig handles the first of three steps. You really SHOULD employ all three. (Use the gig EXTRA section.) However, in step number one, we run our expert PLAGIARISM CHECKER on the two files you supply. The skillful software will carefully compare your two pieces of text for uniqueness and originality.

Thus, you will receive a content copy PERCENTAGE SCORE. This tells you exactly how much of your text has been DUPLICATED from one file to the other. You need this information to proceed to Step Two, in the GIG EXTRA SECTION. Even stopping here with Step One delivery, you have peace of mind -- knowing that your content is either UNIQUE, PLAGIARIZED, or COPIED.

RESTRICTION: The SIZE of EACH text content article cannot exceed 250 words.