I will give You Awesome Spinning To Make People Excited

give You Awesome Spinning To Make People Excited

About This Gig

These spinning tasks and EXTRA rewriting requests receive HUMAN attentiveness, instead of automated machine work.

"SPINNING" means SUBSTITUTING a different SYNONYM with certain words you already have. This gig provides HUMAN spinning of 250 words maximum, at 50% to 60% uniqueness.

"REWRITING" means using DIFFERENT words or new phrases with superior English vocabulary. (Rewriting makes the new version longer and stronger.)

Will it help to simply give you an EXAMPLE of how this gig works? Okay, here is a sample.

You send us your 250 word text, for example:

"The small boy was about to cross a busy street. Fortunately, his mother saw him before he started."

The five-dollar SPIN, will give you this text, for instance:

"ONE LITTLE boy was PREPARING to cross a DANGEROUS street. Fortunately, his MOM OBSERVED him before he PROCEEDED."
(50% unique)

Want higher-level work? See the FOUR additional gig EXTRA options:

 1. I Will Deliver Only the DUPLICATE Content Phrases You Need to Revise. ($5 EXTRA.)

 2. I Will SPIN to 85% Uniqueness. ($10 EXTRA.)

 3. I Will Deliver the 85% SPINTAX Code for Push-Button (New) Version Generation. ($15 EXTRA.)

 4. I Will REWRITE the 250 Words with 99% Uniqueness. ($15 EXTRA.)