I will teach Five SEO Steps for Top 10 Google Page Rank

teach Five SEO Steps for Top 10 Google Page Rank

About This Gig

To experience success from this gig, you must agree that we understand Google's new operational guidelines and mission statement procedure with utmost skill. Meaning, some site owners are expecting "Black Hat" or "push-button-magic" solutions. However, we only provide Google-recommended techniques, sanctioned by ethical and TRUSTED online authorities.

Thus, order this gig ONLY with intention to compensate. We do take the time to research your scenario. We then provide the most relevant and beneficial SEO strategic recommendations.

Why? This gig is provided to you as a courtesy and convenience -- to offset the typically high costs of SEO progress. So, whether or not you "FEEL" more comfortable with your own preconceptions -- be sure to compensate as pledged. The Fiverr fee is one just entitlement for expert task time extended on your behalf. Do not refuse payment, or reject the Google facts received.