I will write Copyscaped Grammar Tested Content

write Copyscaped Grammar Tested Content

About This Gig

Get one, 500-word content writing piece for your web page, blog, article or other online marketing purpose.

This specialized writing will undergo testing for CopyScape adherence, plagiarism protection, impeccable English grammar skills, plus expert usage of outstanding vocabulary.

Did you know that Google's new goal after the Hummingbird algorithm is to weed out sites that present poorly written content? You might also wonder exactly how can they go about it.

The primary three methods they use as of January 2016 are: a) Penalizing keyword repetition within the same site or piece of writing; b) use of scholarly "human" editors who read and check the educational value of your writing; and c) increasing importance of the "rel=author" meta tag code to track the author's reputation and legitimacy. 

Simply put, you now have to write STRONG content to rise above copywriters who use spam related tactics, or are just too lethargic to write well researched, masters-level content.

The rules for online marketing and making money online receive ongoing scrutiny by the Google administration.