I will create a redis cluster

create a redis cluster

About This Gig

Redis Cluster is a distributed implementation of Redis with the following goals, in order of importance in the design:

  • High performance and linear scalability up to 1000 nodes. There are no proxies, asynchronous replication is used, and no merge operations are performed on values.
  • Acceptable degree of write safety: the system tries (in a best-effort way) to retain all the writes originating from clients connected with the majority of the master nodes. Usually there are small windows where acknowledged writes can be lost. Windows to lose acknowledged writes are larger when clients are in a minority partition.
  • Availability: Redis Cluster is able to survive partitions where the majority of the master nodes are reachable and there is at least one reachable slave for every master node that is no longer reachable. Moreover using replicas migration, masters no longer replicated by any slave will receive one from a master which is covered by multiple slaves.

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Redis HA Cluste

will be creating a redis HA cluster for high throughput

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