I will do mongodb setup with replica set and sharding

do mongodb setup with replica set and sharding

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Description MongoDB For Dev MongoDB Replica Set MOngoDB Sharding
  1.will create a mongodb standalone server 2.design it in required way 3.can upload the data 1.will create a replica set cluster and put the authentication over cluster 2.migration of data 1.analyse the key for sahrding stretegy 2.Create a Sharded cluster on Required parameter
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For scaling/failover mongodb uses a “replica set” where there is a primary and one or more secondary servers. Primary is used for writes. Secondaries are used for reads. This is pretty much master slave pattern used in SQL programming. If the primary goes down a secondary in the cluster of secondaries takes its place. So the issue of horizontally scaling and failover is taken care of. and Shards store the data. To provide high availability and data consistency, in a production sharded cluster, each shard is a replica set.
each shard of the cluster (which can also be a replica-set) takes care of a part of the data. Each request, both reads and writes, is served by the cluster where the data resides. This means that both read- and write performance can be increased by adding more shards to a cluster. Which document resides on which shard is determined by the shard key of each collection. It should be chosen in a way that the data can be evenly distributed on all clusters and so that it is clear for the most common queries where the shard-key resides