I will offer best press release distribution service on fiverr

offer best press release distribution service on fiverr
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  Syndicate PR in approx. 400 business media news finance market tv sites. Report with 400 live links. Only publication, no writing! As seen on fox nbc cbs abc and 500 approved links report Write a 300 to 400 PR. As seen on fox nbc cbs abc and 500 approved links report.
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About This Gig

For $50 I'll syndicate your article or PR in around 400 branded Media Business Market & News sites. 

Full report with all 400 links!

Check Out Our Authority Media Citation Package

AM Media Agency: Unlike other PR firms that offer this service from $997 to $1999, we are offering this pack for just $105 (Silver) or $155 (Gold)! Our authority media citations service grants u full rights to use As Seen On” Fox, NBC, CBS, & ABC, and the logos of these networks on your picture, site, visiting card, marketing materials, etc, giving you added authority in your niche/field of expertise.

How it’s done?

As an authorized news agency we will deploy a special kind of PR with CITATIONS on more than 500 leading premium news/media sites that will later allow u to use “As Seen On” Fox, NBC, CBS, & ABC.

How to buy?
Buy Option 2 ($105)
-Writing not included, u need to provide us with an AP style press release(350 to 600 words) for submission.
(Full report with all 500+ links will be provided)


Buy Option 3 ($155)

-We'll write a 300-400 word PR+Submission
(Full report with all 500+ links will be provided)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is this for?
    Any business owner that would like to gain more authority for their business. If you think that being cited on the major networks, and adding the “As Seen On” logos to your marketing is impressive to your prospective client/customer…. then this is for you!
  • How will I know that my story has been published on media networks?
    We will send you digital copies(screenshots) of your PR with citations & links to the published PR. However, know that the links are archived after a few weeks, and they will no longer be live. But that doesn’t matter, because once you’re cited, you have full rights to use as seen on.
  • Can I put the link to the PR on my website?
    First of all press release links are never permanent. As the news sites archive the press release after a period of time, once the news becomes old, so they won’t be live forever. However, u can use the digital copies provided by us to prove that you have been seen on those networks
  • Will I get traffic and backlinks from the Media CITATIONS?
    You will not get any appreciable traffic or backlinks from Media CITATIONS. But u will gain quite an exposure, since our PR gets indexed in major search engines, google news, bing news, etc. Again, the benefit in using these citations is in being able to get lifelong rights to use “As Seen On”
  • Do u publish in national websites of fox nbc cbs abc?
    No. The PR will be published on local affiliate websites like fox 10 tv, nbc 2, cbs 58, etc. However, you will have full rights to use “As Seen On” fox nbc cbs abc, since these are the affiliates of these major media networks.
  • Is this ethical or legit service?
    Yes it is! We are using exactly the same techniques used by bigger PR firms that charge thousands of bucks to feature their clients on major media brands. This is not a new service, people have been offering this service since past 10 years, but very few pr firms specialize in it.
  • Who trained you, and why should we trust you?
    We have been trained by AKSHAT THAPA. He is one of the pioneers of authority marketing, who has trained several firms like us across US, Europe & Asia. He promotes Fortune 500 companies, mainstream music artists, Hollywood celebs, authors & brands. We use his proven & legit techniques.
  • This is NOT a Guest Post Service!
    This is Not a guest post service. Ours is professional press release/authority media citations service.