I will handle your emails for 4 hours

handle your emails for 4 hours

About This Gig

E-Mails are the most used & important means of corporate communication and also to create a long term relationship with your customers.

Being good at creating a perfect e-mail body following all the rules of effective communication(preciseness,accuracy,clarity etc.) and having a great command over English language, in this gig, I will be handling all your E-Mail correspondence for continuous 4 hours.

In the duration of 4 hours :
  • I will promptly answer all the incoming mails as per your instructions or will use the script as provided by you to answer common queries.
  • I will compose new mails taking real time instructions from you or on the basis of a pre instructed pattern.
  • I will create & run E-Mail campaigns through Mail Chimp.
  • I will also attend your chat handle & answer queries over chat in real time as a chat agent.

Please get in touch before placing an order for any gig so that your actual requirements can be discussed and the most suitable plan for you can be decided.

Thanks for your time!