I will critique and or edit anything you want for $5

critique and or edit anything you want
critique and or edit anything you want

About This Gig

Hello Fiverr!

I like to offer buyers more for their money, thus I am offering a bit more than others (or trying to)!
I will proofread and/or edit/revise up to 3,000 words of content. A short story? A blog? You bet it, I'll do it!
The rules of my creative writing gig apply, in that I won't edit/critique anything which features non-consensual relations, pedophilia, vore or scat. Everything else is fair game!

- Critique: I offer my own opinion on your piece, pointing out things I feel are poorly worded/written.
- Edit: Check over for spelling and grammar issues, reword things that I feel should be reread.

So just kick back and relax and have someone else do the dirty work of editing for you!
To cap it all off, I am a native English speaker and therefore my English skills are more or less top notch. With many proof readers not speaking English natively, mistakes can occur. I'll make sure they don't!

Messages are always welcome if you have any question sor concerns. :)