I will attune you to Angel Garadiel Energy

attune you to Angel Garadiel Energy
attune you to Angel Garadiel Energy

About This Gig

Angel Garadiel  is an  angel of joy, goodness and light. The Angel Garadiel energy is energy of transformation of old deep mortifications and negative into positive energy with “plus” vibration. Work with this effective energy gives possibility to prevent the many diseases and even cancer resulting of soil and sediment accumulation of many years of resentment and negative inside your body.

When the excessive accumulation of that negativity disturbs energy balance and the body begins to fail, immune systems are no longer able to resist such amount of weight with charge – (minus) and as waning, giving way to pressure from his party. Thus there are severe diseases, especially cancer arise

This energy helps to prevent this serious disease and get rid of the excess load, gives you the opportunity to live in joy and gratitude for your life.

You will be able to work with Angel Garadiel.

All my attunements are automatic and you don't need to do nor say anything to receive them.I will attune you in less than 24h after your purchase and you will be attuned no matter where you are and what you are doing.
You will also receive the manual and will be able to attune others 

 Blessing to all

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Angel Garadiel Energy

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