I will attune you to the Colour of Angels for $5

/ 1 Days On Average
attune you to the Colour of Angels
attune you to the Colour of Angels

About This Gig

Colours of Angels offers 7 connections with 7 Archangels and their
respective Rays. These 7 connections are offered in one distance initiation
that will connect you to each Archangel and you will then be able to call
upon any or all of these Archangels whenever you wish. Angels never leave
or ignore you and will listen to you whatever the time of day or night.
As you are connected to each Archangel you will also be connected to each
Ray that the Archangel serves from and it's respective colour. By simply
visualising the colour of each Archangel that you have been connected to
you will feel the connection strengthen. This is ideal for those who have
difficulty visualising images as the simple task of visualising the colour is all
that is required.

All my attunements are automatic. You don't need to say or do anything before get attuned by me .I will send you the attunements within 24 hours of your purchase and you will be attuned  no matter what you are doing ,no matter where you are.
You will also receive the manual in pdf and will be able to attune other people.