I will give you advice on anything you ask about

give you advice on anything you ask about

About This Gig

Got something on you mind you need to hear an objective opinion on?  I'm your girl!  I'm a single mom of two teenage boys, been divorced (and a nasty one at that) I'm engaged to be remarried, have tons of friends, many different jobs have had lots of experience in life situations and have probably encountered just about all in life that it can throw at me.

Tell me what is on your mind and I will be as objective as possible in giving my opinion and advice.  Chances are I've been through it.

DISCLAIMER:  I am NOT a licensed counselor and although I will give you my opinion/advice, you should NOT take it as set in stone or for what you should do or think.  I'm only offering my opinion as a way to help you get some clarity for what is bothering you as an outsider looking in.

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