I will translate a follow up email

translate a follow up email
translate a follow up email

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Why having a follow-up email system? 

The follow-up email or emails are sent in key moments after a purchase has been made, for example: 1st email sent on the day of purchase, the 2nd sent 1 day after delivery and the 3rd one sent 7 days after delivery. These help customers through the purchase process and also encourage them to repeat orders or leave reviews after the process is complete.

Boost your customer service & marketing communication 

These specific emails are so much more than a customer service tool. Whether you are a seller on Amazon France or on another e-commerce platform, the follow-up email is a marketing communication tool that will make a huge difference for your business. A well written / translated email will increase your customer's satisfaction and will encourage customers to reorder and to review your products.

Get Analytics, Optimize by using Real Data, Get Results

Having the right translation that engages customers will also offer you more accurate data on how your customers interact with order confirmations. 

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Follow-up Email Translation

You'll get a great French translation that will engage your Amazon FR customers with your brand

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