I will book a quality inspection at any factory in Vietnam

book a quality inspection at any factory in Vietnam

About This Gig

Do you need to verify your Vietnam supplier?

For 5$ I can refer you to a service that will take care of all your worries when ordering from a Factory in Vietnam.

  • This company is your eyes in the factory and they do it for a flat fee. 
  • No matter how remote the area in Vietnam they can send an inspector in your behalf who will check in person things such as:  the raw materials, the specifications, the hygiene, the labor conditions, the completeness of your order and identify any possible problems and report to you in a professional report with pictures, videos and comments as necessary
  • You may use their service for verifying a supplier prior to ordering from them, checking the status of your on going order or checking the quality of a finished order before shipping it to you
  • This is a service that will save you lots of worries and save you money too in returns. 

    Please note the gig is only to help you book this service, the price of the inspection depends on your requirement 

What's included: a PDF 1 page document with all details for your quality inspection and the contact of the service in VN to make the physical inspection within 48 hours of your request