I will buy and ship you any product from Tokyo Japan

buy and ship you any product from Tokyo Japan

About This Gig

I will buy and ship to your nominated address any products from Japan

Please note you need to pay separately (in advance) for the price of the product and my transportation expense to go get it for you and/or local delivery charges 

I live in Tokyo and most everything can be found here. If you don't know exactly where to buy the product I can research it for you for free (to some simple extend) I can also help you for free a good estimate of the customs taxes of the product to your country (estimate means your local customs have the last word on this)

if the product is too rare or too complex to understand you need to contact me ahead, and I will make a custom offer

I reserve the right to refuse buying and shipping any product for any reason. I will notify you if that is the case promptly and refund your entire payment.

I'm an International Trade professional. I do this gig for fun, to help people and make new friends

Order Details

2 days delivery

Purchase for you anything in Tokyo

Examples: - Giftcards - Foodstuff or wine - Fashion producst - Toys or electronics