I will help you in your relationships through psychology

help you in your relationships through psychology

About This Gig

Hello Reader !

Do you wish to check if a person is/would be sincere to you? That's probably the most important thing to know in a relationship, be it of any type. A sincere, truthful and loyal companion is the best thing we can get in this life.

Based on my psychology study and practical knowledge, I can help you out in daily life problems that includes relationships, business, friendships and guide you in a better way as your personal psychologist.

What do I need?

Beside few other details, I will need a clear picture (at least ONE) of hand, arm and shoulder all postured at 90 degrees of angle to each other, in one picture. (I will send you sample first)

Please read FAQs before you send me an inbox. Thank you.

Order Details

3 days delivery 1 Revision

Basic Analysis

Includes basic analysis of the target i.e truthfulness, tendency to tell a lie, sincerity.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the results be 100% accurate?
    Psychology is science, and science is never wrong !
  • Am I a professional psychologist?
    Yes. I run my own clinic and hold a degree in psychology.
  • Do I judge?
    No, I don't judge.
  • What other I offer beside this?
    Anything related to humans and their psychology. I have great interests in anthropology and hold valuable experience.