I will do a PC TuneUp, Optimization, fix slow Pc

do a PC TuneUp, Optimization, fix slow Pc

About This Gig

The average tuneup is comprised of:

-          Defragment the disk,

-          Repair the system registry,

-          Delete unnecessary files and duplicate files, uninstall and remove programs that did not properly uninstall previously,

-          Check for driver updates, and remove data that you don't need related to your Internet browsers


We go beyond this, we also:

-          Remove browser hijackers (astromenda, trovi, conduit, 22find.com, Mystart incredibar, smartbar toolbar)

-          Decrease threat level

-          Optimize firewall

-          Browser spyware removal

-          Malware sweep

Other than better performance, what are the benefits of a tuneup?

Keeping a PC tuned and operating efficiently can:

-          Save money by extending the life of your PC and reducing energy bills

-          Save time by reducing loading and wait time

-          Eliminate the frustration and stress of having to use a slow or unstable PC.

-          PC tune-up can improve Windows boot time by up to 50%.

In addition, many of these same advantages will benefit the environment by reducing waste and emissions from excess energy use and premature machine replacement