I will tune,mix and Master Cover Song

tune,mix and Master Cover Song

About This Gig

I am the head Mixing Engineer at YDNA Studio in Sydney, Australia. We've had the opportunities to work with many artists include Kylie Minogue, Chris Isaak, Dami Im etc. I have been mixing and mastering songs for artists for many years in the industry. 

Experiences with The Voice, The X Factor, Youtube Cover Artists such as Jason Chen.

Basic Gig Includes:

  • High Quality Stereo Mixing
  • High Quality Stereo Mastering
  • High Quality Instrumental Effects
  • High Quality Vocal Effects
  • Limited to 2 Counts (Eg. 1 instrumental count + 1 lead vocal, good for karaoke backing+vocals, demo for labels, cover song recordings)
  • High Quality MP3 Delivery
  • 1 Revision 

*Any additional count for $5
*Wav Delivery for $25
*Advanced Vocal Tuning $25
*Additional Revision $5

Your song will be superbly mixed and mastered, radio ready, accepted by any major label internationally.

Free Consultation
What's the complexity of your project? What's the purpose of the song? How should it be mixed? Distribution to a major label? Youtube Ready? Soundcloud Ready? Spotify Ready? Theatre Performance? Party Use? 

*Contact for custom order

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