I will youtube cover song production

youtube cover song production

About This Gig

I have been mixing and mastering songs for artists for many years in the industry and have helped many Y**Tube Cover Artists build up their fan base.

Here on Fiverr I strive to help artists achieve higher in their careers. This gig is for those who want to have more fans through covering songs on Y**tube. 

How to get the sound quality to compete with Youtube Cover Aritsts such as Jason Chen, KHS, Megan Nicole etc? You need:

  • Pitch Perfection
  • High Music Quality
  • Vocal Tone Enhancement
  • Timing Adjustment

Pitch perfect in the most natural way ? No problem, I delicately edit vocals using multiple tuning software to guarantee the natural vocal sound and bring out the best quality possible.
Basic Gig Includes:

  • High Quality Stereo Mixing
  • High Quality Stereo Mastering
  • High Quality Instrumental Effects
  • High Quality Vocal Effects
  • Limited to 2 Counts (Eg. 1 instrumental count + 1 lead vocal, good for karaoke backing+vocals, demo for labels, cover song recordings)
  • High Quality MP3 Delivery
  • 1 Revision 

*Any additional count for $5
*Wav Delivery for $25
*Advanced Vocal Tuning $25
*Additional Revision $5

Your song will be superbly mixed and mastered, YT Ready.

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