I will administer your Linux server

administer your Linux server

About This Gig

I would be happy to help you if you have any issue with your server or if you need the help of an administrator. I've been working on Linux systems for over 5 years and I can perform many tasks including :

  • Troubleshooting
  • Installation and configuration of cPanel and similar management tools
  • System upgrades
  • DNS settings
  • Email servers
  • Database configuration / migration
  • User management
  • Disk space management
  • Security
  • Script writing (Bash)
  • etc.

I can work on Debian-based distributions (Ubuntu, Mint,...) and on Red Hat-based distributions as well (CentOS, OpenSUSE,...).
For $5, I will troubleshoot any issue on your server, and send you a detailed document along with a quote. The final price is based on the time required to fix the issue. For $5, I will work on your server for 30 minutes.
Please contact me before ordering, especially if you need a custom service or if you want to use the "extra fast delivery", so I can send you a quote.