About This Gig

For 1 gig unit I will draw for you a headshot, only in outline, no color. For color please book one aditional unit. || If you want a clean, vivid, vector drawing made in Illustrator, which I strongly recommend, please 3 additional units. || If you want a waist up drawing, that�s 1 addittional unit. If you want a full body drawing, that�s 2 additional units. || Each extra character will be 1, 2 or 3 additional units, depending on your initial order. || If you want a background, that�s again 1,2 or 3 additional units depending on the complexity of the background. || Please contact me before ordering to make sure we�re on the same page. || After we�re settled all these details, please be aware that the illustration will be in medium resolution. If you want 300dpi crisp, printable resolution, which I highly recommend, please book 1 additional unit. || When ordering, please have ready 2 or 3 reference photos of you or the character you would like me to illustrate. || I will keep you updated with constant sketches as I go along. It is my top priority to deliver the best drawings I can for each and every client, and communication, above all, is the most important factor :)