I will give a temple healing for $5

/ 3 Days On Average
give a temple healing
give a temple healing

About This Gig

For a decade now I am living a Monk live practicing esoteric spiritual methods. 

Here is what you will receive for one problem at the time:

-I will tune into your past life that is causing you an issue and clear that. I will let you know what it was.

-I will clear the issues in the present time that are stored in your body. These are called samsaras that cause us to repeat birth and death again and again.

-I will tune into your spiritual heart and clear the issues there. The spiritual heart is also called the spiritual sky. This is where the liberated  souls go. It is very important to clear that.

I take my practices very serious and am results oriented. If you are serious in resolving your issues, order my gig extra.

This is a genuine spiritual method that is based on using consciousness.

Gig Extra:

-Give spiritual blessings and clearings for the next seven days for your spiritual growth (Powerful).

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