I will critique your website, mobile app or web app for $5

/ 18 Days On Average
critique your website, mobile app or web app
critique your website, mobile app or web app

About This Gig

*** Please read carefully ***

I will write a critique or "user testing" report of your website. 

My reports are based on my experience of 12 years on web and mobile development for marketing and advertising. 

What I have in mind testing websites:
- Branding Positioning
- Branding consistence
- Message communication (I read contents and try to understand what is that about, I won't deliver improved content).
- Usability and User Experience
- Technical stuff (How it works or why it's NOT working, how can be improved).

I can test custom made HTML sites, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, mobile apps in iPhone or Android, or web apps like your custom made web app (CRM, ERP, delivery platform, etc..).

I can deliver the gig in Spanish

** Extra Gigs **

The basic test is performed in a MacBook Air unless you select the Responsiveness extra gig.

Responsiveness test
- Test the site in multiple devices. - 1 extra gig per each device. - Mac (Firefox, Safari, Chrome), PC (Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox), iOS (iPhone 3g, 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6), Android (you name it).

Video of the test
- I'll record the screen of the device (only Mac and iOS) while I test your website. This is valuable if your site is interactive.