I will write your short screenplay

write your short screenplay
write your short screenplay
write your short screenplay
write your short screenplay
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by sasiis 4 months ago
Excelent work. I will always refer your work. Thank you
Reviewed by newyorkerr 4 months ago
Aways excellent and timely.
Reviewed by ahmedjaf 4 months ago
write your short screenplay
write your short screenplay
write your short screenplay
write your short screenplay
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Description Just write it! Impress your cast and crew Long in the tooth
  I will write a 10-12 page screenplay and deliver both a Final Draft file as well as a PDF file. 10-12 page screenplay with the Ghostwriter discount fee +1 extra revision! 18-20 page screenplay, Ghostwriter fee, +2 revisions and free 10 page adaptation if needed.
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About This Gig


Welcome to the original FIRST AND BEST screenwriting gig! So without further ado;

Hi indie film makers and film students! Have a great idea for a short film but have trouble writing it? 

Worry not! For $5 I will take your idea and put it into a 10-12 page screenplay formatted to the industry standards! 

I promise your story will be fleshed out, characters with original voices, arcs and something you and your crew will be excited to bring to life!

REQUIRED -  A dialogue between us MUST take place BEFORE the order is placed.

Each concept is unique and must be discussed before I begin.

I will not create your concept for you. You must provide the general idea and I will take it from there.  
Minimum 3-one sentence bullet points of what you want included is best.(Genre, Character type/name, plot, theme, limitations).

The Ghostwriter fee allows you to take credit for writing the material and I will not register with the Writers guild or US Copyright office. If GW fee is not purchased and the production does *not* list me as the sole writer legal action will be taken.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will you write my feature script?
    No. I do not do features via Fiverr. They are time consuming and costly. 99% of Fiverr users aren't willing to pay the costs for a quality feature screenplay - even if I discounted my rate.
  • Can I just buy the $5 gig and ask you to write a sequel to my last script and take it on to make it longer? What's the difference?
    I'll notice and likely refuse / cancel the order. Trust me, whatever angle you're thinking - someone has tried it already.
  • What is a legacy cost?
    Legacy is for those who want me to write a series of scripts for a webseries or TV show. The legacy cost MUST be purchased up front and is non refundable. The legacy cost takes into consideration the price you paid for the pilot & applies it every time a episode is created. More on this in pt 2
  • Legacy pt 2
    if the pilot was $5 basic fee, $20 extended page fee and ghostwriter fee of $20, each script re-includes the price of the previous one. So assuming same fees applied to each script, then; Script 1 = $45, Script 2 = $90, Script 3 = $135, Script 4 = $180. But each script remains the same page count
  • Will you read my feature and give feedback?
    Likely no. I've been burned on this many time with no gig pay afterwards and even then, I don't really often have time. Reading for free isn't fair to my paying customers. I am considering opening a new gig for script consultation in the near future. Ask me about it.