I will review your product or service in 1080p

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Reviewed by synergee about 4 years ago
review your product or service in 1080p

About This Gig

I will provide a a great video review for your product or service. The review will be between 30seconds-1min long. If you know your video will be longer than 1 minute please order an extra gig for every 1 minute after that. If I go a little bit over then all the better for you. I can wear my glasses or not, hair can be up or down. A professional or relaxed look. Please provide a script if you do not have a script please inbox me before ordering. If you have adult or X rated products please inbox before ordering. I can show a little skin but no nudity. I can do positive or negative reviews which ever you prefer. All videos will be recorded in 1080p. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. If not go head and order and I will more than likely have your video before my end date. If you would like a picture with the gig extra wig please ask and I will send you a picture so you know what you're getting. Thanks a lot!! Look forward to working with you all! P.S-I am LOSING you're guys' sales because of your privacy settings and I get to reply once and that's it I get your messages but can't reply after the first time, please change them to where I can inbox you.

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10 days delivery